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My Story

Charvel Yap Rebagay

My name is Charvel Rebagay and this is my blog.

First of all

I am not really a good writer so please bear with me. I always find myself having a hard time expressing my thoughts but I am trying my very best. My main motivation in writing this blog is to share my experience and knowledge to help others. I noticed that as I keep on writing I am getting better at expressing myself.

Some people find this a good thing. Since I am not a well-experienced writer, the guide, tips, experiences, and things that I share here are written as simply as possible that everyone can easily understand.

I hope this also serves as motivation to people out there who know that they have a lot to share which could help others but are scared to do so. If I can do it, I am sure you can do it too.


I have been building businesses since I graduated from college. I am one of those who have tried being an employee but running my own business was always my goal which is what happened after I quit my 2nd job. For the past decade, I have built several successful businesses and have developed this urge to keep starting new businesses.

My main motivation for starting my businesses, aside from the financial aspects, was to be a blessing to other people by providing good opportunities. It is my happiness to be a source of livelihood for other people. One of the best feelings of being an entrepreneur is to see your employees become successful and happy. It is a joy to be able to see them be able to provide the good things in life to their family and the thought that it was because of you that they are able to do it.

I then realized that I have spent so much time building and running my business that I do not have enough time to share my experiences with those who want to start their own or with those who are struggling with their business.

The articles that I write and share here are well researched and mostly are based on my personal experiences. You will also get an inside look at the problems and challenges I face while running successful companies…

What is my story?

Since I was young I was already exposed to entrepreneurship. I was in grade school when I started helping my parents take care of our small sari-sari store. For those who are wondering, that what we call a small neighborhood store selling a variety of goods here in the Philippines

They own 2 of those, one in front of our house and another in the neighboring town. There are times that they would have to leave me in charge of one of the stores as early as grade school.

This exposure and experience growing up are what will lead me, later on, to want to have my own business.

By the time I was 23, I was already running my own business. I started with about 10 employees and after 6 months I have almost a hundred employees and have reached my first million by the age of 23. We are growing so fast that it was already stretching me out and was causing complications. Then something unexpected happened. I was dragged into controversy and I lost everything.

It was one of those circumstances where I certainly should have listened to my gut feeling. It was one of the lowest points in my life. I would have given up and just taken the easy route of becoming an employee but I didn’t. I know that it is just a temporary setback and I was determined to start again.

After a few months of pondering I was ready again and I opened up the same business but compared to before I have already learned my lessons and have my badges of experience. This gave me a better foundation and was a tremendous help in my success.

Few years ahead and my company is even bigger and better than it was before. We now have fortune 500 companies as clients and we even became the official customer care center for the Philippines Bureau of Customs.

After that I have opened up several companies, some did not work out but the majority became successful businesses. My learnings and experiences have contributed a lot to my success and I can say that I am still on the journey of learning.

My motivation in life

There is a saying that behind every successful man is a woman. This was definitely the case for me. Here is the woman behind my success and I thank God for her!

The woman of my life

The biggest motivation that I have was when my beautiful daughter came into my life. This is the time that I know I am now responsible for someone in this world. I know I have to be careful in every decision that I make since a little angel now depends on me.

My Baby Girl


Six years later another blessing came! Here comes my handsome baby boy! This is one of the happiest moments in my life.

My Baby Boy

My Baby Boy 2

The joy that my family gives me is incomparable and I would not trade it for anything in this world. We might get really busy in our businesses but at the end of the day, we should not forget that we are doing this for our family. We should always find time for them no matter how busy we are.

I want to Take a Moment and Thank you for Being here

If you made it this far, I appreciate the time you took to read this and deeply value every relationship I make from this blog.

I’m here for you as both a guide and as a friend. This blog exists to help you succeed online and in your business. Whether you are just starting or already established, I have vast experience in different areas of running a business and my blog is a place to learn about strategies, tactics, and the tools you need to succeed. I try to respond to every email and want to hear your story – both the good and the bad.

Thank you for reading.



P.S. If you are interested in getting in touch with me, go here.