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37 High Paying Jobs That Are Perfect for 18 Year Olds (2022)

High Paying Jobs for 18 Year Olds

Just out of high school and looking for a high-paying job? This is the dilemma of most 18-year-olds because finding the right job can change your career trajectory. Fortunately, the market is filled with many high-paying jobs for 18 year olds, but you’ve to look at the right place to land the right opportunity. 

There are many good jobs for 18 year olds, and many of these jobs can be a side gig, and others can be pursued as a long-term career option. One thing that the youth today have to remember is to keep an open mindset to broaden the horizon when looking for a fruitful career opportunity. 

Today, just about every industry has high-paying career opportunities for 18 year olds. So irrespective of where your interest lies, rest assured there are high paying jobs for 18 year olds waiting for you. 

This article will discuss some of the best jobs for 18 year olds you can consider to kick-start your career in the right direction!

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs For 18 Year Olds

There are many entry-level jobs for 18 year olds with no experience. Some of the top jobs include customer service representative, retail sales associate, and food service worker. These jobs are typically in industries such as hospitality, retail, and food service. They often do not require any prior experience and provide on-the-job training.

1. Trade Worker

There has been a dearth of quality trade workers as the majority of younger people move towards careers in IT and other related fields. This shortage of qualified workers in trade has created a gap, increasing the pay scale for trade workers. 

The trade worker category includes jobs such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and many more. These are the types of jobs that can provide you with a great income and a good work-life balance. Generally, these type of jobs do not require a college degree and they can often be obtained through on-the-job training or certification.

When you start as a plumber, electrician, roofer, etc., at an early age, you’re more likely to grow into a business owner or manage a large company in the future. It is one of the most in-demand jobs for 18 year olds in today’s competitive market. 

Pay Range – $12 – $25/ hour

2. Web Designer

Being a web designer is a lucrative career option, considering just about every business and independent professional needs a website these days. The demand for web designers is as high as it can be and will only grow in the future. So, if you’re qualified as a web designer, don’t hesitate and take the plunge to be a full-time or even a part-time web designer.

With so many platforms offering high-paying web designing gigs and equally high demand in the local offline market, being a web designer is surely one of the high paying jobs for 18 year olds. 

The best part is once you’re well-established and have an extensive portfolio of great websites built, you can charge as per your experience and skills. It can be pretty hefty, and clients don’t mind paying a premium for a great job!

Pay Range – $15 – $35/hour

3. Graphic Designer

Like web designers, there’s a lot of demand for graphic designers these days, and that’s because they play a vital role in appealing web and print designs. They use their creativity, knowledge, and skills to create graphics that tell a story or promote a product.

So if you’re talented and have a great eye for design, you can easily land a high paying graphic design job. Plus, with so much creativity going around these days, it’s not hard to stand out from the rest and snag some big bucks!

Since Graphic Design is such an important field, it pays well too. A graphic designer can usually rake in around $30/hour starting out. With experience and skill refinement, they can easily reach the $50/hour mark. So if you have the creative juices flowing and are passionate about design, graphic designing is probably one of the highest paying jobs for 18 year olds out there!

Pay Range -$25 – $50/hour

4. Administrative Assistant

Being an administrative assistant at a young age opens doors to multiple career opportunities you have the luxury to choose from as you move forward.

In many cases, the organization wouldn’t mind paying for training and even schooling for the right candidate. However, it’s important you carefully pick the position that has the scope to blossom into a full-time career moving forward. 

The job of an administrative assistant can be virtual at times or may need you to be present at the physical location. It all depends on the organization. 

Moreover, your function as an administrative assistant is diverse and keeps changing from time to time, allowing you to learn a lot about the organizational structure, functioning, and more.

The practical firsthand experience would help you bag better pay and roles in the future because experience counts!

Pay Range – $12 – $20/hour

5. Delivery Driver

This is a job that has become highly popular among the youth these days. If you have a clean driver’s license, know your way around the town, and have a vehicle you can drive around, the delivery driver job can pay pretty well.

At times, the companies would have a fleet of vehicles for the delivery drivers, which applies even to candidates without their own vehicles. 

Ambitious candidates can also do extra shifts to inflate their earnings generously. Moreover, delivery drivers often get tips on delivery, adding to their income substantially. All these factors combine to make it one of the highest-paying jobs for 18 year olds.

Pay Range – $15 – $18/hour (Plus overtime, incentives, and tips)

6. Receptionist

Receptionists are the face of the company and are usually the person you encounter as soon as you call a company or enter their office. The receptionist’s job is to take incoming calls from customers and direct them to the right person or greet the person visiting the physical location. 

As a receptionist, you represent the company, and when you do your job well, it reflects well upon the entire organization. Why? Because the first impression is the last. If you excel at your job as a receptionist and manage to become the go-to person for clients and employees, it opens doors to take on a larger role in the future. 

Even if you manage to hold on to become an excellent receptionist, there are tons of high-paying jobs for receptionists in larger organizations with benefits and perks. It’s a great job for young people that leads to a full career and among the best jobs for 18 year olds. 

Pay Range – $13 – $20/hour

7. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great domain that’s highly popular in the freelance world. There are many platforms where clients are looking for freelance writers to create content for them. It can be articles, blog posts, press releases, books, guides, catalogs, and more. If you’ve got a panache for writing, make it your full-time career. 

You need to have great research and writing skills to write content authoritatively while avoiding plagiarism.

In most cases, freelance writing jobs are home-based, so you get the flexibility to work from anywhere with just your laptop and access to the internet. Be your boss and work on your own schedule while earning generously

Pay Range – $12 to $58/Hour. $0.01 to $0.10 per word or even more as you gain experience. 

8. Virtual Assistant

As the world shifts online for almost everything, there’s a surge in demand for virtual assistants. There are many entrepreneurs, professionals, and even companies hiring virtual assistants for a variety of tasks. 

It includes managing online projects, work schedule, scheduling meetings, sending out reminders to prospects/clients, organizing meetings, making phone calls, making invoices, clerical work and more. There’s a learning curve involved in this role, but most employers are ready to invest some time in training a promising candidate. 

Pay Range – $10 to $27/Hour

9. Customer Support Agent

As a customer service representative, you’re primarily tasked with providing great customer service and helping the company’s clients with any queries they may have. It can be product-related, information about pricing, questions about delivery, refunds, and more. 

The primary requirement for this job is to be quick and personable with your responses while being patient throughout the interaction. This job would certainly improve your people skills, which would be helpful later in your life as you move up in your career graph. 

It’s also one of the most easily available high paying jobs for 18 year olds due to increasing demand in the customer support sector. 

Pay Range – $10 to $25/Hour

10. Barista

As a barista, your primary role is to make a great cup of coffee and serve the customers. However, you may also be required to operate the cash register, generate bills, offer customer service, keep the counter clean, etc. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to operate the commercial coffee maker, as most coffee shops offer new employees training on everything you need to do, including making a great coffee.

It’s a wonderful job if you like being in the café, meeting new people, and enjoying wonderful coffee!

Pay Range – $10 – $15/Hour

11. Rideshare Driver

This has to be on the list of one of the highest paying jobs for 18 year olds, especially as the rideshare business has swept the traditional taxi space in the last few years. As a rideshare driver, you’ll be offering taxi services to people looking for a cab to reach their destination.

This job should be high on the list of highest paying jobs for 18 year olds, as the rideshare business has largely replaced traditional taxis in recent years. As a rideshare driver, you would provide taxi services to people needing transportation.

You’ll need to use popular rideshare apps operating in your region, accept requests from people nearby looking for a ride, and take them to their destination. 

Some of the popular rideshare apps include –

  • Uber
  • Lyft

Pay Range – $5 – $45/Hour

12. Video Editor

If you’ve access to the internet, video editing skills, and a fast computer, offer video editing skills to interested clients on the internet. And there are tons of businesses and individuals looking for video editors online. 

If you’re good at what you do, the sky is the limit as we live in a video-centric world where your video editing skills can take you places! 

It’s one of the good jobs for 18 year olds worth considering.

Pay Range – $8 – $40/Hour

13. Personal Trainer

So many young people are already into health and fitness, and rightly so. If you’re already a gym-goer, you might as well turn your passion for fitness into a full-time career by becoming a personal trainer. 

And why not? It’s a noble profession where you’ll be helping other people become fit and healthy like yourself. You may have to train to become a certified personal trainer and get a job at a respected gym. It’s worth it!

It’s one of the best jobs for 18 year olds and, surprisingly, one of the highest paying jobs for 18 year olds too.

Pay Range – $10 – $55/Hour

14. Blogger

Blogging has been one of the most popular ways to make money online, and why not? It’s not actually a job being a blogger, but it definitely can be considered by people looking for good jobs for 18 year olds. Why? Because it pays so well. 

If you’re good with something, why not share it with the world? There are many bloggers out there who are earning thousands of dollars each month, and you can be the next.

However, it’s important to remember that you won’t start earning from blogging from the first day itself, and it may take over a year or even more before you see any ‘real’ money.

Start it as a side hustle; you never know what the future holds if you remain consistent and patient. It can also open the world to careers in the SEO/Digital Marketing landscape, which is one of the hottest industries right now!

The money only starts coming your way when your blog gets traffic. Some of the ways you can monetize your blog includes –

  • Affiliate Links
  • Selling Products
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Ads by Google (Google AdSense)

Pay Range – Varies 

15. Restaurant Worker

When you think of being a restaurant worker, it doesn’t always have to be a waiter or a waitress. There are many high paying jobs for 18 year olds in restaurants, including dishwasher, cleaner, waiter, waitress, helper, delivery person, etc. 

Depending on your job in the restaurant, you can easily earn between $7 to over $15 per Hour. The best part is if you take up a job as a waiter/waitress, you can earn a substantial amount of tips every shift, adding to your earnings generously. 

Pay Range – $7 – $20/Hour

16. Care Giver

Many nursing homes, caregiving agencies, and older people with health issues always look for caregivers. Caregivers can range from simply being a companion to doing grocery shopping for the elderly or giving care to people who are terminally ill. 

You don’t really have to be a trained nurse to be a caregiver. However, to fit into higher-paying caregiver jobs, you might want to consider getting further training, often given by the caregiving company itself. It is one of the jobs for 18 years olds who are compassionate, friendly, and patient. 

Pay Range – $12 – $15/Hour

17. Lifeguard

A job as a lifeguard is a smart and cool choice for the 18 year olds. You will have to take brief training, be an excellent swimmer, and have the mental and physical aptitude to handle life-and-death situations wisely. If you love this job, you’ll spend a lot of time on the beach around people and tourists. 

And while it may seem like it’s all fun and games, remember there are many life and death situations you will be dealing with every day. Taking proper training before applying for a job as a lifeguard is essential because this job entails a lot of responsibility. 

According to Indeed, the average salary of a lifeguard is $14.39 an hour.

Pay Range – $9 to $15/Hour

18. Camp Counselor 

Enjoy your summers while earning by becoming a camp counselor. If you don’t have any plans for the summer and are looking for something productive to do, apply for the camp counselor position. 

It is a fun job that will keep you entertained while allowing you to network and socialize. Depending on the camp, you might also get to board and have a private room. 

Being a camp counselor is certainly one of the best jobs for 18 year olds. 

Pay Range – $10 to $14/Hour

19. Data Entry Clerk 

Your typing skills must be pretty good by the time you’re in high school and 18. This makes you a perfect candidate to be a data entry clerk, allowing you to earn heftily. 

There are many data entry clerk jobs available online, so you get to work from home. The pay is usually per piece of work completed, so the more efficient you are, the more money you can earn. You can also find a job offline at various companies. There are data entry jobs available in just about every industry out there.

Pay Range – $12 to $18/Hour

20. Retail Sales Associate

Working as a retail sales associate is among the jobs that pay well for 18 year olds. A retail sales associate is someone who works in a retail setting and is responsible for helping customers make purchase decisions. They may also be responsible for stocking shelves and conducting sales transactions. Retail sales associates typically work in stores, but they may also work in other settings such as malls or department stores.

As a retail sales associate, you might also have to handle the cash register. Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience in retail jobs as most newcomers learn all they need to about the job after joining.

Some large retail stores may arrange for a workshop or training for recruits on site itself.

Pay Range – $10 to $18/Hour

21. Lawn Care Technician

Law care technician has to be on the list of high paying jobs for 18 year olds. With so many houses around with their lawn or backyard overgrown and out of shape, this job will always be in high demand. 

Some employers have the equipment you can use, while you might have to use your own equipment in other cases. Lawn care technicians are responsible for the care and maintenance of lawns. This may include mowing, watering, fertilizing, and other activities as needed. Lawn care technicians must be able to follow instructions and work independently. They must also be able to work safely and efficiently.

Pay Range – $12 – $18/Hour

22. Grocery Store Clerk

Grocery store clerk is a high paying job for 18 years old. The average grocery store clerk makes $9.25 an hour. That’s $17,760 a year! And if you work full-time, you’ll get health insurance and other benefits.

The job is perfect for those who love to be around people and are good with customer service. You will need to be able to lift heavy boxes and be on your feet for long periods of time. Grocery store clerks must be able to multi-task and keep track of a lot of different details at the same time.

Pay Range – $9.25 – $18/Hour

23. Online Tutor

If you’re looking for a high-paying job that will let you work from home, look into becoming an online tutor. Online tutoring is a booming industry, and there are plenty of opportunities out there. You can work as a tutor teaching English, math, science, or another subject.

According to Payscale, the average online tutor makes $18.34 an hour. That’s a whopping $35,200 a year! And because online tutoring is a flexible job, you can work as much or as little as you want. You can also set your own hours and earn a good income while you’re taking care of your own home and family.

Pay Range – $12 – $40/Hour

24. Warehouse Packer

Do you have a knack for packing things tightly? If so, you may be a good candidate for a career as a warehouse packer. They are responsible for packing and shipping products from the company’s warehouse to customers. This is a physically demanding job that requires strong stamina and excellent coordination.

The average salary for a warehouse packer is $21.31 an hour, which makes them one of the highest-paid jobs in the industry. And because this is a career that can be highly rewarding without any experience, many people pursue it after they finish high school or college.

Pay Range – $11 – $22/Hour

25. Swim Instructor

Swimming is one of the most popular leisure activities in the United States. Millions of people enjoy swimming laps or taking classes to improve their swimming skills. And because swim instructors are in high demand, they can often earn a good salary.

The average salary for a swim instructor is $25.10 an hour, which is above the national average wage. In some cases, salaries can be even higher, depending on the region and experience level of the instructor. In addition, because swimming instruction is a highly skilled profession, many instructors find that they can make a good living working part time.

Pay Range – $11 – $27/Hour

26. Research Assistant

If you love doing research, a career as a research assistant may be the perfect fit for you. Research assistants are responsible for conducting research, data entry and other tasks related to their job duties. There are many different types of research assistants, and the salary depends on the type of assistant and the level of experience.

The average salary for a research assistant is $21.12 an hour, which is slightly above the national average wage. In addition, many research assistants find that they can earn additional income by working as consultants or freelancers.

Pay Range – $11 – $29/Hour

27. Pet Sitter

Are you passionate about animals? If so, a career as a pet sitter may be the perfect fit for you. Pet sitters are responsible for taking care of animals while their owners are away. This means that they will need to be able to handle dogs and cats, as well as other pets if necessary.

Pet sitting jobs are abundant in the United States, and they often pay well. The average salary for a pet sitter is $14.29 an hour or $29K annually.

Pay Range – $10 – $30/Hour

28. Dog Walker

If you’re someone who loves spending time outdoors and getting exercise, a career as a dog walker may be the perfect fit for you. As a dog walker, you will be responsible for walking dogs for their owners. This means that you will need to be able to handle all types of dogs, as well as have plenty of experience walking them on a daily basis.

Dog walking jobs are also common, and they often pay well. The average salary for a dog walker is $15.11 an hour or $31,428 annually.

Pay Range – $10 – $29/Hour

29. House Sitter

If you’re someone who loves spending time alone and wants to experience a new place, a career as a house sitter may be the perfect fit for you. As a house sitter, you will be responsible for taking care of a house while its owners are away. This means that you will need to be able to handle all types of pets and have excellent cleaning skills.

House sitting jobs are also common, and they often pay well. The average salary for a house sitter is $16.93 an hour or $34,680 annually.

Pay Range – $10 – $30/Hour

30. Baby Sitter / Nanny

If you’re someone who loves spending time with children and want to get some experience in the childcare industry, a career as a baby sitter may be the perfect fit for you. As a baby sitter, you will be responsible for taking care of children while their parents are away. This means that you will need to be able to handle all types of children and have excellent cleaning skills.

Baby sitting jobs are also common, and they often pay well. The average salary for a baby sitter is $17.50 an hour or $33,600 annually.

Pay Range – $16 – $25/Hour

31. Car Wash Attendant

If you’re interested in a career that will allow you to work with vehicles, a career as a car wash attendant may be the perfect fit for you. Car Wash Attendants work at car washes and oil change stations, using high-pressure water hoses to clean vehicles. They also use brushes or sponges to remove grime and debris from the body and windows.

Car Wash Attendants must follow all safety procedures, including wearing proper clothing to protect themselves from chemicals used in cleaning vehicles. They also must be able to lift heavy buckets of water to refill the cleaning hoses.

Car Wash Attendant is one of the highest paying job for 18 year olds. It pays an hourly mean wage of $15.53 per hour and employs about 163,178 people in the United States.

Pay Range – $11 – $25/Hour

32. Actor or Model

If you’re interested in a career that will allow you to work with people, a career as an actor or model may be the perfect fit for you. As an actor or model, you will be responsible for performing in front of cameras or posing for photos. This means that you will need to have excellent acting and modeling skills.

Acting and modeling jobs are also common, and they often pay well. The average salary for an actor or model is $43,000 annually.

Pay Range – $30,000 – $75,000/Year

33. Telemarketer

If you love making phone calls and convincing people to buy products, a career as a telemarketer may be the perfect fit for you. As a telemarketer, you will be responsible for contacting potential customers and selling them products. This means that you will need to have excellent sales skills and knowledge of product marketing.

The average salary for a telemarketer is $21.16 per hour or $64,101 annually. You will also earn commisions, which is additional income that you can earn from your sales.

Pay Range – $15 – $30/Hour

34. Computer Repair or Tech Support

If you are 18 years old and have a lot of experience with solving computer or internet-related problems, you will be a good candidate for a tech support or computer repair position. Some of their tasks include connecting devices to the internet, removing programs from computers, setting up email accounts, removing viruses, or installing security software.

The average salary for a computer repair or tech support specialist is $37,000 annually.

Pay Range – $18 – $27/Hour

35. House Cleaner

A career as a house cleaner can provide you with the opportunity to work in a variety of environments and locations. As a house cleaner, you will clean the inside and outside of homes. You will also clean the floors, bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas.

The average salary for a house cleaner is $17.11 per hour or $39,885 annually. your sales.

Pay Range – $12 – $25 /Hour

36. Amusement Park Ride Attendant

The job of an amusement park ride attendant is to make sure that riders are safe and have a good time. They help load and unload riders, make sure the ride is running smoothly, and answer any questions that riders may have. Ride attendants must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and be able to handle any situation that may arise.

As an amusement park ride attendant, you will work in a team environment and provide rides to passengers. You will also need to have excellent customer service skills and knowledge of safety procedures.

The average salary for an amusement park ride attendant is $15.92 per hour or $30,793 annually. your commissions.

Pay Range – $12 – $20/Hour

37. Make and Sell Crafts

If you’re creative, there’s no reason you make crafts and make money from them. Crafting is a great way to share what you know with others, and it’s also a great way to make some extra cash.

There are many online craft stores that will pay you for your products, and if you’re good at marketing yourself, you can sell your crafts on your own website or even through Etsy.

The pay range for selling crafts varies depending on the type of craft you sell and the location of the market you are targeting. However, in general, there is usually a higher payout for handmade items than for items that are mass-produced.

Pay Range – Varies 

What are some tips for getting a high-paying job at 18 years old?

There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of getting a high-paying job at 18 years old.

First, start applying for jobs before you are 18. Many employers will be willing to overlook the lack of a diploma if they see that you are mature and have a good work ethic.

Additionally, consider whether or not your skillset is more important than your diploma. With the right attitude and willingness to learn, you can be successful in any field.

Finally, show your intent to your potential employer by writing a cover letter or sending them an email. Letting them know that you are serious about the position can help them move past the lack of a diploma. Education is important, but it is not necessary for every high-paying job out there.


The market is filled with tons of lucrative jobs for 18 year olds, and if you’re around this age, rest assured there’s a perfect job for you waiting out there somewhere. However, it’s always suggested you take up a job that aligns with your interests, likes, and career path. 

Whether you’re looking for a serious job with a long-term vision and future scope or a side hustle to pay for your rent and life expenses, there are many high paying jobs for 18 year olds. 

No matter which job you take up, working at a young age will help you get disciplined, learn about workplace ethics, improve your interpersonal skills, boost your confidence, and up your game as a professional. The list of highest-paying jobs for 18 year olds mentioned above is just a few of the many available jobs. 

So, go out there and explore, and soon you’ll land the job that pays you well and helps you spend your time productively after school. 

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